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Lundi 21 juin 2010

Jordan Brand

Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for "Jordan" brand series products in China, production and operation of foreign-owned enterprises.1998In Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. in Fujian Province, southeast China, the establishment of the first production base in China, specialized in producing sports shoes, apparel and related sports products. Building area10Million square meters of new garden plants in strict accordance with the standard layout; has a staff of4000People, including professional R & D150People; base has7Standardization of international advanced production lines and equipped with standard strictly, fully equipped test center to ensure the quality of manufactured goods in strict accordance with the national standard.2001, The base can be tooISO9001International Quality Management System;2003State Inspection and Quarantine was awarded the "National Inspection-free Product";2004Years, introducedISO14001International environment system certification, production and full implementation of international environmental standards; the same time, China's State General Administration of Sport Science Institute of the designated products from producer Jordan. These actions reflect the Jordan, "unite innovation, integrity and pragmatic" business philosophy and sustainable development of Jordan on the social responsibility of a high sense of responsibility and mission, but also make perfect quality Jordan demonstrated the confidence and determination.2005Years4, Located in Xiamen Exhibition2000Square meters of Jordan Brand Management Center was officially put into use, comprehensive Jordan in the Chinese market for the development and operation of full service. As Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. has been committed to the brand promotion and careful maintenance,2005Years6Month, the Chinese SAIC rigorous assessment, Jordan formally resign to fate as "China Famous Brand." Same year9Months, the Jordan product won the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine promulgated the "China Famous Brand".

2006, Jordan has invested heavily in the construction of 50,002 more than 1000 square meters in Xiamen R & D and marketing center is expected to be completed in 2008, as Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. headquarters locations; another new building 60,000 square meters Garment Industrial Park also will be operational by the end of 2007, the land in Xiamen Tongan Industrial Zone, the main road junction, the main off-work formed by the four factories and office buildings, renovation of the modern architectural style and generous, open transparent, rigorous modeling elegant without loss of fresh bright.

In the pack and play, Formation of the sporting goods market, Jordan is more intensive focus on end markets, "open up the network and optimize the network" has become the most important task Jordan marketing.Jordan in 2003 to complete new standard store (cabinet) nearly a thousand, thus achieving the 3000 China sales target terminal network layout. In 2004, Jordan has begun to promote the "Jade carving project" to integrate the terminal and outdoor resources, truly end-upgrade to upgrade the strategic goal of driving brand, the same year at the end, Jordan breaking number of terminals 4000. Pays off, Jordan with excellent product quality and unique marketing, for many years was the State Information Center, Department of Commerce issued a "national key large-scale retail-selling product," the honorary title; five consecutive years of sales volume in China, ranked No. 1 Blue shoes annual growth rate was maintained at 30% or more, enterprise comprehensive strength among the forefront of the domestic industry.

In opening up the land market in the process, Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. has been pursuing a "tailored specifically for the Chinese consumer" market principles. From design, development and manufacture of every aspect of the Chinese people are fully taken into account body shape, foot type, and exercise habits, organic combination of mechanical and engineering principles of the human body, helping China to strive for excellence in sports performance enthusiasts,In 2006, Jordan integrated approach to this market, proposed the "basketball My Kung Fu" the concept of brand communications, and under the supervision of the State General Administration of Sport Research Institute, after numerous comparison and consumer testing, again precise adjustment of the shoe last details of each part, thus truly "tailored specifically for Chinese consumers."

Jordan has been working to promote the healthy development of sports undertakings in China:In 2000, Jordan sponsored the China State Education Commission, initiated by the National General Administration of Sport, "like basketball school board" works; Since 2001, CBA sole sponsor for three consecutive years in China, "Jordan Cup" Male Blue A B league; 2002 also sponsored by CBA Yao Ming led the Chinese men and blue A A League All-Star game, "Jordan Star Team" and the Chinese Youth League men's basketball. The development of Chinese sports enthusiasts to Jordan Blue China Association and China Network Association CTA CBA designated special shoes. January 2005, Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. as "Who will explain Beijing 2008 Olympic host competition" Honorary sponsor sports shoes; 2006, Jordan (China) Co., Ltd. and the China Fashion Designers Association organized a "2006 Jordan First Cup of China Movement Design Competition. "

A par with the world, a total of local Qi Jin, today, Jordan is the accumulation of better talent, optimize the variety of resources, toward "creating the first brand basketball sports equipment" of the strategic goals. China, Jordan sports development is the most abundant fertile soil, and Jordan will also promote the development of sports undertakings in China's progress.

Jordan's future, but will be based on taking from the community, the community used the idea of pursuing a "tailored specifically for Chinese consumers," the purpose, and constantly strive for excellence, a common commitment to the Chinese sports industry revitalization and growth, to create A century of competitive brands, so as to maintain enduring vitality and innovation in the era of sustainable flight.
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MBT sandals 2010 market trends and the status of competition hands

Suzhou Dress shoes and Quanzhou, Fujian ProvinceMBTSandals, shoes made in China two heavy head. Wenzhou Aokang, red dragonfly, Kangnai, spiders Wang, Italy Erkang so, Quanzhou wooden Linsen, and Lang dance name Lang, making music, high line, camels, giant bull, gold and Wang have been a step many consumers are familiar with the brand. Over the past few years, formal and casual styles each with different products and brand, market positioning in the domestic battlefield conquests. The invisible hand of the market, in guiding the direction of the dispute, while also manufacturing.

In fact, years ago there was already two years in the field of competition. Nineties of last century, people follow suit and leather as a status symbol, wind suits, leather shoes, the wind swept the country, sales soared leather, Wenzhou shoe enterprises to earn pours. With economic development, the concept of people's lives have changed, one dress ideas for change. Casual style gradually warming, then known as the "Foreign Trade shoes" of the MBT sandals, dress shoes divert a portion of the consumer. Today, the concept of people's leisure life more and more strong,MBT Kisumu MBT sandals goldMarket share is growing. Under such conditions, Fujian MBT sandals industry expertise in product and brand building aspects of a step prior to the times, becomingMBT SandalsMarketplace. However, there is no contemplation of Wenzhou varying plate, also made a positive response. Wenzhou several shoe brands are increasing; At the same time, a number of original equipment manufacturing are small and medium sized shoe leather is completely start the MBT sandals.

At this point, two-way force close combat seems inevitable, the original two seemingly "interfere with each other," the camp will be the fork in the road in casual encounters, and the distance is not far away. The face of increasingly strong competition atmosphere, both sides with their own advantages and made different responses.
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